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April 25, 2007

Pelosi does it again!

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On April 15, I posted that Speaker Pelosi has on several occasions quoted a phony Old Testament verse to back up whatever cause she is espousing that day.

Here she goes again. On April 25, in a speech to the League of Conservation Voters, she once again used her made-up scripture to tout her stance on global warming:

“The days of rejecting the science of global warming are over, as are
the days of standing idly by. We are now charging ahead to tackle one of
humanity’s greatest challenges yet – global warming.
“We will do this because we hold our children’s future in our hands —
not our grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, but our own children.
“As it says in the Old Testament, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.’
“Thank you.”

Sorry Speaker Pelosi, but it is a dishonor to the God who made us to quote as from His Bible your made-up hooey.

This really irks me, and I am going to speak out every time it happens.


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  1. The verse Nancy Pelosi quoted does not appear in the Old Testament. Read my blog and see where else she has quoted this text.

    Claude Mariottini
    Professor of Old Testament

    Comment by Claude Mariottini — April 24, 2008 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

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