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May 7, 2007

Blame it on Global Warming

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One of my favorite daily rituals is to Google “global warming”. It is always good for a laugh to see the most recent maladies blamed on climate change. In just a few days of searches you can find that almost any of the worlds ills can be blamed on that inconvenient truth.

Here’s just a few of this weeks new global warming caused catastrophes, present and future:

Malaria and skin cancer

The death of the English garden

Marauding wolves and increased suicide among Inuit youth

Potential US security threats,0,7972773.story?coll=la-home-headlines
Those pesky terrorists have nothing over the global warming menace.

Future decrease in rice production
Though, this one may not be so horrible, because according to some experts, rice paddies actually increase global warming

Swedish beetle infestation:
Lost bee colonies
Ah, too many bugs in one place and too few in another.

Ocean dead zones

A possible “global superstorm”
I do like the sound of that. It’s almost disco-like.

The death of Neanderthals
Of course this was a long time ago, but it had to be mentioned by some scientist to scare a few folk.

A change in the length the day
Scientists say that the days could become shorter. Really bad for the workaholics of the world.

Not every malady can have a root in global warming. I doubt that these warmer days (although not too warm where I live – but isn’t cooler weather caused by global warming too?) are really causing suicides. It all seems like hysteria designed to scare governments into throwing money at experts to solve the problem. Japan has taken the bait, according to the AP:

KYOTO, Japan — Japan pledged $100 million in grants to the Asian Development Bank on Sunday to combat global warming and promote greener investment in the region and called for a stronger international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The money is part of a new initiative by the government in Tokyo to support sustainable development in response to increasing concern that Asia’s breakneck economic growth is destroying the environment. It comes just days after a breakthrough agreement in Thailand set the world’s first roadmap for fighting climate

One does wonder where such money will go when supporting sustainable development. My bet is to crafty businessmen and government bureaucrats. They always make money when they can find a way to scare the masses. Of course some of our politicians are lobbying for a carbon tax (Chris Dodd), while Al Gore goes more entrepreneurial by selling carbon absolution. Either way the big guys make money. They either line friends pockets by having them study it or line their own pockets by selling something.

All of this sounds like our last catastrophe Y2K. Remember?

As the year 2000 draws closer and closer organisations are becoming more frenetic in their efforts to ensure their computer systems are Y2K compliant. For example, around 30% of the 1999 IT budget of the top 100 European companies is being spent on Y2K compliance. There will be system crashes and there may be catastrophic outcomes resulting from these crashes. This is arguably the first world wide IT problem that strikes all sectors simultaneously. It presents a unique and unprecedented threat to our civilisation which has evolved into a computer-dependent society and an interdependent planet that is fragile and susceptible to a domino effect when a computer system crashes.

Total spending by food manufacturers to fix Y2K problems is anticipated to reach $1.8 billion, according to the survey, with the average company spending in excess of $27 million to achieve Y2K readiness

Scare the masses. Blame your pet catastrophe on every sort of unimaginable horror. Make wads of cash, while looking like a concerned citizen. I don’t think this started with Y2K and global warming. It seems snake oil salesmen did the same thing. Hucksters will always be about. Maybe it’s time we listen carefully to their pitch and really examine what they are selling.


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