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May 16, 2007

Not Bad For A Part-Time Job

Filed under: John Edwards,Politics — mary @ 4:48 pm

In an article by Rob Christensen, a staff writer for The News and Observer (NC), it was revealed that John Edwards made a pretty penny working part-time for the hedge fund Fortress Investment Group:

Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards earned nearly a half million dollars while working as a part-time advisor for a New York-based hedge fund, according to campaign report made public todayday.
Edwards, a former North Carolina senator, reported earning $479,512 as a senior advisor to Fortress Investment Group LLC last year.

Further, according to the Washington Post, Edwards has also received “$167,460 in campaign contributions from Fortress employees and their families”.

So in the course of one year John Edwards earned $646,972.00 in wages and campaign contributions.

Not bad for a part-time job. Maybe you can clue in the rest of us working stiffs on how to become part of your America.


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  1. What many don’t know about this Hedge Fund, Fortress Investment Group, is that they are heavily invested in Subprime Mortgages, mortgages aimed at those with low incomes or poor credit, which is the current cry against businesses as many cannot afford the increases in their payment. IOW, these same low income people are lsoing their properties to forclosures by mortgage groups like the one Edwards worked for.

    According to Edwards, he was unaware of the push.. into subprime lending and that he wishes he had asked more questions before taking the job.

    Makes me wonder just what else he would fail to ask should he hold high office?

    Comment by LewWaters — May 16, 2007 @ 9:34 pm | Reply

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