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May 18, 2007

Who favors the new immigration bill? Mexico.

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We know the list of those who favor the immigration bill, negotiated in secret and soon to be jammed down our throats next week. Let’s see, there’s

Ted Kennedy
John McCain
George Bush
Big Business
The Mexican government and opposition party.

In an article in The Dallas Morning News entitled “U.S. immigration proposal cheered in Mexico” we learn several interesting things about Mexico’s support of this bill:

1. “The Mexican government has been in permanent communication with distinct actors in the debate and has expressed its points of view on the subject, in a climate of respect for the U.S. legislative process,” – Víctor Avilés, spokesman for the Foreign Relations Ministry.

2. “For Mexico, this preliminary accord, if it finally becomes law, is a big gift from heaven, equivalent to opening the valve of social pressure that could have worsened the already precarious situation we live in,” – Manuel J. Jáuregi, columnist for the Mexico City newspaper Reforma.

What I find fascinating is that the Mexican government is in on the secret negotiations, but we the taxpaying citizens of this country still don’t have all the details and, according to John McCain and his friend Ted Kennedy, should just keep our mouths shut and go along. I believe that we should have a say on a bill that radically changes the face of our country and, like the last amnesty program, will not solve the problem of illegal immigration.

I’m, frankly, fed up. Another amnesty will not solve any problems that we have now with illegal immigration. Secure our borders and then we will deal with the rest of this immigration mess. Talk to the American people, not the Mexican government, which, of course, wants to send as many of its people here as it can so as never to deal with its own social and economic problems.

We are denied a seat at the table. We who pay the bills in this country are ignored, but Mexico our dysfunctional neighbor is treated as an honored guest. I AM DISGUSTED.

If you think as I do, please contact your Senators as soon as possible, urging them to do what is right for this country and not what is right for Mexico. Let’s take our country back!


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  1. Any that aren’t sure how to contact your Representatives, Senators and even the President, you can send them emails through the following,

    Comment by LewWaters — May 19, 2007 @ 12:50 am | Reply

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