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May 25, 2007

Fred Thompson on Memorial Day

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This great article by Fred Thompson sums up my feelings about Memorial Day, our great country, and the sad state of affairs in our youth not learning our proud history. It’s a must read:

I remember when I was a kid; one thing was clear to me. The more I learned about the rest of the world, the luckier I felt just having been born in America. The more I learned about America, the more I appreciated what those who came before us built; and how exceptional they were.

Not that there aren’t other great places to live, but America is unique. It’s not just that we are the freest and most prosperous county the world has ever seen. America has also freed more people than any other nation in history.

There are some people, though, who don’t think that’s such a good idea. Some people even want to use Memorial Day to protest our military’s presence in Iraq. The irony is that their right to protest was paid for by people willing to risk everything to keep the forces of tyranny at bay — here as well as Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Korea, Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines and dozens of other countries.

Over the years, a lot of people have tried to talk us out of feeling about America the way we do. Instead of pride in what America has done, they want us to feel guilty — generally because we have so much more than rest of the world. Of course, it wouldn’t help the rest of the world one whit if we had less — either of freedom or of prosperity. On the contrary, it’s our liberties that have made us prosperous and there’s no reason the rest of the world couldn’t be just as well-off — if they embraced freedom as well.


This is our quandary. Memorial Day is about remembering. It’s about remembering those who died for our country; but it’s also about remembering why they believed it was worth dying for. Too many Americans, though, have never been taught our own history and heritage. How can you remember something that you’ve never learned?

(Excerpt) Read the rest here:

This is so true. Our children are not taught anymore to be proud of our country’s history. They have been taught to be ashamed. They have not been shown the character of those who founded this nation and the ideals upon which our nation was founded. Our nation’s history is now that of the greedy capitalist oppressor.

When I was a child, my mother took my brother, sister and I to the Bicentennial parade in Philadelphia, an 8-hour extravaganza celebrating our great nation’s birth and 200 years. When the parade was finished, the streets were strewn with trash from the revellers. My mother made us stay and clean one block of trash because, to her, ours was the greatest nation in the world and our little family was going to do something to give back, even if it was picking up a block of knee-deep trash, to show our gratitude for all we had been given, to show our respect to the Founding Fathers who walked those very streets. Being young, I was perturbed and embarrassed to have to do this. Now I am proud of those hours we spent with our mother showing her patriotism in the small way that she knew how to, all the while reminding us how lucky we were to live in such a wonderful country.

Those who have children, it’s time to raise our children to be proud of their great country again. It’s time to teach them to honor our past by remembering and by doing something to carry our tradition of liberty and decency into the future.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! Like Sen. Thompson said, spend a part of it remembering those who died for this great land and the ideals they saw as making this land great.


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  1. John 15:13 says “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” Our fallen heroes have shown that ‘greater love,’ the least we can do is remember them one day out of an entire year.

    As we pay our respects to our fallen heroes, reach out to those that came home and simply say “Thank You.” I thank each and every one of my fellow Veterans, whether you served in war or not, for standing between our enemies and us.

    Comment by LewWaters — May 26, 2007 @ 2:04 pm | Reply

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