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May 29, 2007

Queen Hillary’s Theme Song

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Since it is all the rage on the internet these days to pick Hillary’s! Theme Song, I have, after much thought, chosen my selection, which is perfect for this woman and her First Husband candidate:

Another revelation today in the saga of the Clinton’s endless money hustle via

The New York Times is offering new details regarding Bill and Hillary Clinton’s links to a businessman facing allegations that his public company not only aids scam artists who target the elderly, but has showered money on the Clintons with little to show for it.


This weekend the New York Times reported in a page one story that the company and its chairman, Vinod Gupta, have been hit with a lawsuit from shareholders who maintain that Gupta wasted the firm’s money trying “to ingratiate himself” with high-profile persons.

The paper stated these persons included Bill and Hillary Clinton

Among the expenses cited in the lawsuit – filed in Delaware late last year – is a family vacation the Clintons took in January 2002 in Acapulco, Mexico, with infoUSA paying $146,866 to fly the Clintons, Gupta and others to Mexico and back on a private jet.

Over the next four years, Nebraska-based infoUSA spent nearly $900,000 to fly Bill Clinton around the world for his presidential foundation work and to fly Hillary to campaign events, according to the lawsuit reported by the Times.


After Bill Clinton left the White House, he agreed to enter into consulting arrangements with billionaire investor Ronald Burkle and with Gupta.

The lawsuit asserts that Clinton signed the consulting agreement with Gupta’s company in April 2002 “to provide confidential advice and counsel to the chairman and C.E.O. of the company for the purpose of strategic growth and business development.”

InfoUSA paid Clinton $2.1 from July 2003 to April 2005, and in October reached a new 3-year agreement to pay him $1.2 million.

The new deal also gave him an option to buy 100,000 shares of infoUSA stock, with no expiration date.

Such an interesting article to read today as Mrs. Clinton announced her new socialist agenda at a campaign stop in New Hampshire:

(AP) Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton outlined a broad economic vision Tuesday, saying it’s time to replace an “on your own” society with one based on shared responsibility and prosperity.

The Democratic senator said what the Bush administration touts as an “ownership society” really is an “on your own” society that has widened the gap between rich and poor.

“I prefer a ‘we’re all in it together’ society,” she said. “I believe our government can once again work for all Americans. It can promote the great American tradition of opportunity for all and special privileges for none.”

One does love being lectured by the queen of special privilege. She and her husband make money hand over fist, millions of dollars, by virtue of the fact that they are or have been public officials: special privileges for a special class. She then has the nerve to talk about the gap between rich and poor. It’s not the gap between herself and the poor she bemoans and wants to abolish. No, she just wants to tax the rest of us hard working losers. We don’t deserve the fruits of our labors, honestly earned. Tax it. We have a “shared responsibility” to support the government as it takes over preschools and health care.

I, frankly, am FED UP with the hypocrisy of the ruling elites. Once you, queen of special privilege, drive yourself places, filling your own tank with $60 of your hard-earned cash, 25% of the price constituting TAXES, pay for your own airfare, which is also TAXED, and your own vacations (which my family cannot take because we have to pay our TAXES), pay for your own groceries, which continue to cost more because of silly politician-mandated biofuels increasing corn prices (which effects the price of everything), find your husband jobs based upon his abilities, not upon your status, then I’ll listen to your talk about bridging gaps. Enough already, you hypocrite.


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