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June 1, 2007

John Edwards on YouTube: “America must do things to show we are not selfish.”

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Here’s five plus minutes of mush-headed nonsense posing as a serious interview of presidential candidate John Edwards. If he weren’t a contender for president his ignorance would be laughable. The fact that he could somehow take the highest office in our land makes it unbelievable:

John Edwards has vowed to travel the world the first six months in office is elected President to talk with the people of the world. According to Edwards, America “will have to do some things that are not selfish” to repair our relationships around the world. At this point he cites leading on AIDs in Africa, doing something to solve the problem in Darfur (short of sending troops, which you would pull out at the first hardship, what do you propose?) and educating over 100 million of the world’s children (No Child Left Behind for the world).

So the U.S. must do some things that are not selfish?? Who is advising you, Senator?? The United States and its citizens are very generous to the world. In a 2005 article from the Heritage Foundation, author Helle Dale sets forth the following facts about U.S. giving on both the governmental and private levels:

Fact: The United States donates more than any other country in Official Development Assistance, to the tune of $16 billion. That is up from $10 billion in 2000. For fiscal 2006, Mr. Bush has requested an additional $3 billion. American increases in official development assistance over the period of Mr. Bush’s presidency have far outpaced those of the European Union.

Fact: The United States is the largest single donor to international organizations, paying $362 million (or 22 percent) of the U.N. budget. We contribute more than $1 billion to the World Food Program. We contributed $194 (or 19 percent) to the U.N. Development Program and $288 million to the U.N. Children’s Fund.

Fact: The U.S. government counts less than half of its foreign assistance as development aid. Excluded is aid to Israel, to the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries, peacekeeping and military aid, educational and cultural exchanges, the National Endowment of Democracy, educational and cultural exchanges, funding to the Export-Import Bank, the Inter-American-Foundation, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. All of this amounted to $12.7 billion in 2002.

Fact: The United States has a great tradition of private giving, unequalled in most of the other countries with whom we are regularly compared. In 2004, private assistance flowing from the United States totaled $48 billion. This includes charity from private foundations, corporations, colleges and universities, religious organizations and NGOs, as well as individuals. It also includes personal remittances, about $28 billion. The U.S. government, of course, has no role in directing remittances, but facilitates these transactions through immigration and commerce legislation.

Fact: Americans donated nearly $700 million in tsunami relief to the stricken people of the Indian Ocean.

In total flows of international aid, the United States far and away leads the world.

So Senator Edwards will be our “citizen of the world” President, flying hither and yon, apologizing for our selfishness, giving more and more money to make people like us. And at some point, will it result in our “Sally Field moment” where we stand on the world stage with a gee-whiz smile on our face declaring in surprise “You like me, you really like me?” Somehow I don’t think so.

ETA I had so much more to say. The 5+ minutes is laden with objectionable material. An interesting part was the “Lightening Round” where the interviewer set forth an issue and Edwards had to label it a “Right” or a “Privilege”. My bet that Constitutional law was not his strong suit in law school. Here’s Edward’s answers to the “Lightening Round”:

College Education: Right
Health Care: Right
Earning a Living Wage: Right
Owning a Handgun: Privilege
Citizenship after working 1 year in the US: Privilege
Citizenship after working 5 years in the US: Right

Come one, come all. Sneak across the border, work for 5 years and you have the RIGHT to become a citizen. Gee, Senator, didn’t see that one in the Bill of Rights, but I did see that pesky right to keep and bear arms. Back to class for you.


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  1. Edwards says we must show we aren’t selfish. When was the last time any of ‘us’ received a $400 haircut? Hillary preaching “shared prosperity.” Gore wants everyone to live simpler, except for his massive energy consuming estate. Streisand cancels a tour in Italy as Italians complain of concert ticket prices ($200 to $1200 a ticket).

    Isn’t it odd that such masters of wealth horde their own and ask us to give up ours?

    And Edwards claims we, as a nation, are selfish?

    Comment by LewWaters — June 3, 2007 @ 9:10 am | Reply

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