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June 22, 2007

Doing the Jobs Americans Aren’t Qualified to Do?

Filed under: Immigration — mary @ 5:14 pm

As business continues to push for open borders, see what they and their lawyers have come up with to deprive Americans from high-paying jobs. They make sure that, despite receiving resumes, no American who would demand a middle-class salary “fully qualifies” for advertised positions. Since there are no “qualified applicants” from the American pool of workers to fill these jobs, businesses may legally offer the jobs to lower-paid foreign workers and obtain visas for them to come here to work.

Here’s how it is done to comply with the law:

Big business doesn’t care about this country or about American workers. It only cares about lining its own pockets. When business says that there are no Americans to fill positions, it’s time to be very skeptical. Truth is there are no Americans who will do it at the wage business is willing to pay, or, as in this case, they scam the system so as to make it appear there are no qualified workers.

These are the people Congress listens to: the businesses which bribe them with funds for campaigns, private jet rides, plum jobs for relatives and other such goodies. The rest of us are just the suckers who pull the lever. Maybe it’s time to shut the dishonest group of folks on both ends of this corrupt transaction down.


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