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May 21, 2007

Luke I am your father

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Uncanny isn’t it??

I saw this article and got a chuckle:

DiCaprio Follows Gore on Climate Change
Associated Press Writer

CANNES, France — About a decade ago, when Leonardo DiCaprio was on the cusp of megastardom and Al Gore was the U.S. vice president, the two talked together about global warming.

Now an all-out environmental activist, DiCaprio has followed Gore’s lead by bringing a climate change documentary to the Cannes Film Festival. DiCaprio co-produced and co-wrote “The 11th Hour,” which explains how humans have changed the climate and how to fix the damage.

“It’s such an amazingly large issue, and you suddenly you feel like, what can I do? What can I do? It’s too big for me to deal with,” the 32-year-old actor told reporters Saturday in a beach cabana overlooking the Mediterranean.,0,496091.story?coll=ny-entertainment-headlines

Yes, my son, you have learned well. Jet off to beautiful places to pitch a movie about a made up catastrophe you don’t understand. Look like you are deep and people will buy it. Next week, I will teach you about the carbon offset business…..


May 4, 2007

Al Gore says Dominican environmental policies are adequate

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This is the actual headline from a May 1, 2007 article in Dominican Today.

I’m sure the Dominican government is relieved.

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