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May 1, 2007

I missed “National Impeachment Day”

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According to a Code Pink press release, Saturday April 28 was “National Impeachment Day” with lots of fun activities to highlight the need to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney:

The day started with approximately 1500 people at Ocean Beach lying down to spell “IMPEACH NOW !” in 100-foot high letters in the sand. CodePink members splashed the letter “C” predominantly pink, while World Can’t Wait emboldened the exclamation mark orange to remember the tortured and imprisoned. The weather was gorgeous, the music from marimba group Sadza playing Zimbabwean music was joyful, and spirits ran high as the helicopters soared overhead to film the crowd below. Chants of “What Do We Want?” “IMPEACHMENT!” “When Do We Want It?” “Now!” erupted from the crowd, and loud cheers went up when people who had been the letters “I” and “M” ran down the beach to the letter “O” to form “PEACE NOW!” with the “O” becoming a peace symbol.

How did I miss out on all the fun? If it was the official “National Impeachment Day”, could any citizen join in with fun and games surrounding their favorite impeachable politician? Think of the fun one could have:

Pin the Tail on Harry Reid. Picture a donkey with Reid’s face and large words “Impeach” on the rear.

A Nancy Pelosi Burka Fashion Show, entitled “Clothes for the Fashionable Female Islamist Appeaser.”

An Impeachment Dunking Game for Ted Kennedy. Hit the bullseye, he dunks and is removed from office.

The “You are Impeached Because I Don’t Agree with You Game” starring John Murtha. We will take the First Amendment to another level that only democrats have dared to travel. Just think: half of Congress gone, just because we don’t like their politics.

We will also have an Impeach Private Citizens Game where we will vote for one citizen we would like to have voted off our island. Rumor has it Al Gore is running slightly ahead of Rosie O’Donnell, but it should be a good fight.

How about a good chant: “Nancy, Harry go away! We don’t like the games you play!”

Oh to think of the fun I could have had. Too bad I had to act like an adult that day.


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