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December 27, 2007

Hillary! says oil prices will drop when she is inaugurated

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Here is an interesting campaign promise made by Hillary! as reported by Michael McAuliff
in the New York Daily News:

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Hillary Clinton predicted Saturday that just electing her President will cut the price of oil.

When the world hears her commitment at her inauguration about ending American dependence on foreign fuel, Clinton says, oil-pumping countries will lower prices to stifle America’s incentive to develop alternative energy.

“I predict to you, the oil-producing countries will drop the price of oil,” Clinton said, speaking at the Manchester YWCA. “They will once again assume, once the cost pressure is off, Americans and our political process will recede.”

What in the world does she mean by “Americans and our political process will recede? It is an utterly nonsensical statement.

And, does she think by making some feel-good inaugural address, she will scare the oil producers into lowering prices? Does she think that outlining her plan for energy independence will immediately lower demand and increase supply? If this were the case, wouldn’t Congress’ passage of higher CAFE standards for US automakers this week have automatically lowered oil prices? It didn’t happen:

Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) — Crude oil traded near a one-month high in New York on speculation U.S. inventories declined for a fifth week and after Turkish planes bombed suspected Kurdish bases in northern Iraq.

Merely announcing some grand plan does not affect the market, unless Hillary! will be announcing immediate mandated curbs on Americans’ oil usage (perhaps this is how Americans will recede – back to horses an buggies and fireplaces for warmth).

Making such ridiculous promises as to what the market will do when she is elected shows that Hillary! is not ready for Prime Time. Just telling America that you are ready to be President does not make it a reality.


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