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July 31, 2008

Mr. Goodwrench for Barack Obama’s Secretary of Energy

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For many years Democrats have stated that Republicans are out of touch with average Americans. Barack Obama’s statement yesterday that we should all inflate our tires to proper pressure and get regular tune-ups and that would solve the energy crisis is truly out of touch. As he continues to travel the globe in gas guzzling airplanes and motorcades of several gas-guzzling vehicles, he tells us to inflate our tires and tune up our cars.

Senator Obama, Americans are struggling. There are Americans paying $70 to fill up their tanks so they can drive to work, many times earning around $15 per hour. They are working almost an entire day to fill up their cars (that doesn’t include taxes withheld before they have their pay). Food is going through the roof due to skyrocketing energy costs, and you tell us nothing will help relieve average Americans difficulties but BASIC AUTO MAINTENANCE??

Elitist comments like this show what type of president you would be: a man totally out of touch with the average American.

We need to produce more energy NOW. We have abundant natural resources to power our citizens under our own land. Let us have what belongs to us!!


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