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May 23, 2007

Michael Moore should schedule his next surgery in Cuba; Castro hates biofuels

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Michael Moore: Next time you are feeling poorly, I suggest you go on down to Cuba for your treatment. Perhaps you can receive the world-class care that Fidel Castro has received.

Today in an AP article it was revealed that Castro, in an e-mail to foreign journalists, admitted to having had several operations to cure his mystery ailment, several of which were unsuccessful:

HAVANA (AP) – A statement signed by Fidel Castro sought to reassure Cubans Wednesday that the 80-year-old Cuban leader was recovering well from several operations, saying his weight was stable and he was eating solid foods after “many months” of intravenous feeding.

In the most detailed assessment of Castro’s health since shortly after he fell ill almost 10 months ago, the statement said: “It wasn’t just one operation, but various. Initially it wasn’t successful and that had a bearing on my prolonged recuperation.” . . . .

A January story in the Spanish newspaper El Pais described Castro as being in “very grave” condition after at least three failed operations. The Cuban government denied that report.

If the supreme leader can’t even get a decent operation, what will happen to you Mr. Moore, just an ordinary “Sicko”.

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who admire Castro and are also green: The same article states that Castro is denouncing the US for using food crops to produce biofuels:

His comments on his health came in the second half of a statement about food production. There have been 11 written communiques signed by Castro in recent weeks, most of them lashing out at U.S.-backed plans to use food crops to produce biofuels.

Hmmm… a desire to be red versus a desire to be green. This could cause some internal turmoil for a certain segment of our population. What’s a good uber-liberal to do?


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