Keepin’ It Real

June 5, 2007

John McCain: Don’t deport illegal immigrants. It could lead to rioting and dangerous ghettos.

Filed under: Immigration,John McCain,Politics — mary @ 10:03 am

In the most nonsensical fear-mongering yet, John McCain when asked why the U.S. doesn’t work harder at deporting illegal aliens, like France does, gave this reply:

Let’s all be afraid to enforce the law. There might be riots in the street. Does this apply accross the board, Senator? If we enforce the law against, say, the MS-13 gang and they start rioting are we to just turn the other way and let them be?

This is the problem with our entire leadership. They don’t want anything to be hard or messy. Keep the peace at all costs even if it means that we give up at every turn.

And if our Islamist enemies get into this country, are we to just put up with whatever they do to keep them from rioting? Have you no backbone, Senator?


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